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commercial real estate bubble cre bubble

Commercial Real Estate is in serious trouble

Declining credit quality metrics in Commercial real estate lending pushed several banks to reduce their exposures to the sector by offloading loans related to the asset class, particularly office loans, in the second quarter. US banks’ commercial real estate loan portfolios showed signs of increasing stress During the second quarter, the net charge-off rate for…

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North American Transborder Freight - US Canada , US Mexico Freight

North American Transborder Freight Plunges 2.3% – Troubling Economic Sign?

In May 2023, transborder freight between the United States and its North American neighbors, Canada and Mexico, experienced a notable dip across various transportation modes. A comprehensive report released by the Department of Transportation highlights key insights, revealing how total transborder freight valued at $136.2 billion moved across borders through different transportation channels. The movement…

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Money Supply

Money Supply Plunges into Abyss: Negative Growth Reaches Historic Lows

April witnessed a further nosedive in money supply growth, sinking even deeper into negative territory after experiencing its first negative turn in November 2022, marking a rare occurrence in the past twenty-eight years. The descent in April adds to the alarming downward trajectory, which follows the unprecedented highs witnessed over the past couple of years….

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U.S. Community Bank Earnings are Set to Decline Drastically. Credit loss provisions experience first decline since 2021

According to the annual U.S. Community Bank Reports, both U.S. community banks and their larger counterparts are expected to experience a significant decline in earnings in 2023. The reports highlight that net interest margins will be impacted by liquidity pressures, leading to a double-digit drop in earnings for U.S. banks. In response to the liquidity…

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Comprehending the Recent Trends in Inflation Dynamics

Over the past two years, inflation has remained consistently elevated, surpassing the Federal Reserve’s annual target of 2%. This high inflationary trend has been pervasive, affecting various sectors of the economy. It can be attributed to a combination of supply and demand factors closely linked to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the fiscal and monetary policies implemented in response to mitigate its impact.

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