US Real Estate

Further Escalation of Distress in the US Real Estate Sector

The amount of distress in the U.S. Commercial Real Estate increased to USD 71.8 billion during the middle of the year, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of growth. Distress refers to financially troubled assets and properties taken back by lenders. In the last quarter, distress exceeded property owner and lender workouts by approximately USD 8…

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Real Estate Pricing

The Complexity of Real Estate Pricing

Real estate, a diverse and intricate asset class, defies a single, definitive measure of pricing. The intricacies of the market and the multitude of factors influencing buyer behavior make it challenging to gauge property-market values accurately. Each market-level metric encompasses a wide array of buildings, each possessing unique qualitative attributes. Nevertheless, by examining various approaches,…

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Money Supply

Money Supply Plunges into Abyss: Negative Growth Reaches Historic Lows

April witnessed a further nosedive in money supply growth, sinking even deeper into negative territory after experiencing its first negative turn in November 2022, marking a rare occurrence in the past twenty-eight years. The descent in April adds to the alarming downward trajectory, which follows the unprecedented highs witnessed over the past couple of years….

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EuroZone Recession

Eurozone Plunges into Recession as Stimulus Measures Falter

The euro area’s abysmal performance, sinking into recession during the first quarter, occurs against a backdrop of seemingly favorable conditions. Plummeting energy and commodity prices should have provided a much-needed boost to the euro area’s GDP, bolstering its external sector through reduced imports. However, amidst this surge of irrational exuberance, the Citi global economic surprise…

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Atlantic Declaration UK US Relationship

Atlantic Declaration Sparks Competitive Landscape for Critical Minerals Trade

In a groundbreaking development, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden have forged the “Atlantic Declaration,” aiming to foster economic cooperation and bolster their respective nations’ growth. While not heralding a comprehensive free trade agreement, the declaration highlights the intent to establish a Critical Minerals Agreement between the two countries, which could…

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