Capital Expenditures

Is the Cost of Capital Expenditures Becoming Unaffordable?

Capital expenditure (CapEx) refers to the financial investment made by businesses to acquire, enhance, and maintain physical assets like buildings and machinery. These projects often necessitate thorough planning because once initiated, they tend to be expensive, protracted, and difficult to halt. The willingness of a company to undertake capital expenditures can serve as an indication…

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Commercial Real Estate Bubble Burst

Challenges Loom as $900B in US Commercial Real Estate Loans Approach Maturity

Nearly $900 billion of commercial real estate loans in the United States are due to expire in 2023 and 2024. These mortgages are coming due in a more challenging capital-markets climate, and some may have trouble refinancing due to rising borrowing rates, dropping prices, and a more risk-averse attitude among conventional sources of funding

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