RV Industry Plunges as Demand Takes a Sharp Dive

recreational vehicle RV Industry

The results of the June 2023 survey conducted by the RV Industry Association reveal a significant decline in total RV shipments. The month ended with 24,095 units shipped, showing a considerable decrease of 46.4% compared to June 2022 when 44,942 units were shipped. The overall trend for RV shipments this year has been on a downward trajectory, with a current decrease of 49.2% equating to 164,830 units shipped so far.

Despite the challenging market conditions, RVing remains a preferred mode of travel for a substantial number of Americans. Over 44 million individuals have planned RV trips for this summer, indicating a continued interest in camping and RVing as a means of vacationing and exploring the great outdoors.

Craig Kirby, President & CEO of the RV Industry Association, remains optimistic about the industry’s future. He states that the latest RV shipment forecast suggests a potential recovery later in the year and into 2024. The anticipated recovery is driven by an expected increase in consumer confidence and the sustained interest in camping and RVing, which is likely to translate into higher RV sales.

Breaking down the data further, towable RVs, particularly conventional travel trailers, have experienced a sharp decline in shipments. Towable RVs, including travel trailers, saw a drop of 48.3% from last June, with only 20,670 shipments recorded in June 2023.

On the other hand, motorhomes, another significant segment in the RV industry, also saw a decline of 30.8% compared to the same month last year, with a total of 3,425 units shipped in June 2023.

RV industry Total Shipments Monthly vs. Last Year

RV industry Total Shipments Monthly vs. Last Year

RV industry Monthly Shipments

RV industry Monthly Shipments

These figures indicate a challenging period for the RV industry, likely influenced by a combination of factors, including economic uncertainties and changing consumer behaviors. However, industry leaders are optimistic that the interest in RVing and camping will drive a resurgence in RV sales in the coming months and years.

As the industry navigates through these challenging times, manufacturers and stakeholders are likely to focus on adapting to changing consumer preferences and investing in innovations that cater to the evolving demands of RV enthusiasts. By addressing these needs and leveraging the enduring appeal of RV travel, the industry can pave the way for a robust and sustainable future.

Surge in Demand for Park Model RVs

In contrast to the overall downward trend, Park Model RVs experienced growth in June 2023. The segment witnessed a notable increase of 7.7% in wholesale shipments compared to the same month last year, with a total of 391 units shipped.

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